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Sedona Dental proudly serves North York and the surrounding communities of Toronto with all of their dental care needs. Whether cosmetic, restorative, or related to ongoing oral health, our professionals are here to provide a compassionate and calm experience for every patient who walks through our doors. Our dental practice is a full-service dental clinic that uses the latest cutting edge technologies and the best state of the art equipment, as well as sterilization systems.

All dental care is gentle and family oriented, treating those of all ages throughout the Toronto area. With both preventative dentistry and procedure-based dentistry, we are a one-stop complete dental clinic for you and your entire family.

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Why Oral Health Matters

Numerous recent scientific studies indicate associations between oral health and a variety of general health conditions — including diabetes and heart disease. In response, the World Health Organization has integrated oral health into its chronic disease prevention efforts “as the risks to health are linked.”

The American Dental Association recommends that dental visits begin no later than a child’s first birthday to establish a “dental home.” Dentists can provide guidance to children and parents, deliver preventive oral health services, and diagnose and treat dental disease in its earliest stages. This ongoing dental care will help both children and adults maintain optimal oral health throughout their lifetimes.

– Dr. Parham

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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver happiness through the creation and maintenance of healthy and beautiful smiles. We want to serve the Toronto area with high quality and affordable dentistry. Every patient who walks through our doors will have a positive and informative experience. And by the end of your visit we will have your teeth healthy and your smile confident and bright.

We invite you to contact our office to learn more about achieving the smile of your dreams.

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